Basic Rules






                All our conduct must be Christian and conservative, proper and appropriate.  Disrespect will not be tolerated.  Disrespectful students will be sent home.

Use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or any other immoral conduct will not be tolerated.  Students found to be participating in any of these will be expelled.



There must be a written excuse for every absence.  If no written excuse is received, the absence will be considered unexcused.  For each unexcused absence, two percentage points will be deducted from each subject grade.

            Five tardies  during any one semester will be counted as an unexcused absence.



Each student is allowed two “free” demerits each day.  The third demerit demands a detention.  The fourth detention in a nine-week period results in a two-day suspension with homework and a parent conference before returning to school.

            The fifth detention results in a five-day suspension with homework and a parent conference before returning to school.



            The school maintains two microwaves for warming lunches for the students.  We do not have the staff nor the time to cook items.  Please prepare lunches so that they merely have to be warmed for no more than two (2) minutes.

            Students are not allowed to give away their lunches or to exchange lunches with other students.



            For the safety of our students we must know who is picking them up after school or who they are riding with.  All arrangements for students leaving school with someone else must be made in advance and notice given to the school in writing by the parents.  We will not accept students’ word.  (In case of an emergency, a telephone call to the school office will be acceptable.)

            Please make all social arrangements at home.  The school phone cannot be used to call home in making plans or obtaining permission for after-school social life.


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