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            Thank you for inquiring about CrestwoodChristianAcademy.  We feel that we can offer a quality education and maintain a close student/teacher relationship.  Our school is for the children of Christian parents who want their children’s education to be based on the Bible and Christian philosophy.


            The curriculum is of the highest standard:  Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade—Hammond Baptist Curriculum, and third through twelfth grades—Accelerated Christian Education. Standardized Achievement Tests are given every year.  We would be more than happy to show you the school and the materials.


            Enclosed are copies of our Statement of Faith, Financial information, and the Dress Code.  If, after having read this information, you are interested in attending CrestwoodChristianAcademy, please call for an appointment.  Both parents and the student(s) must attend the meeting.  We are a Baptist church and only enroll students from Churches of like Faith.  Please bring a letter of recommendation from your pastor indicating your normal church attendance.


            If you have any further questions, please call the office at (770) 487-4852.



                                                                            The School Board


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